Sunset Silk Ikat Eye Mask with Lavender


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Equip yourself for a dreamy nights sleep with a lavender and buckwheat filled eye mask. 

Adorned with our iconic silk ikat and backed with a midnight blue cotton velvet. The mask fits comfortably with an elasticated, velvet strap.

Essential for regular travellers and for using at home too.

We use natural British grown Lavender, just give it a squeeze to rejuvenate the scent.

Please do not wash.

"Lavender has a sedative and tonic action on the heart, and helps to lower blood pressure. It is a mild analgesic and calms cerebro-spinal excitability; it has proved valuable in a variety of nervous and psychological disorders, including insomnia and nervous tension." - The Art of Aromatherapy, Robert Tisserand

Customer Reviews

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Excellent gift

Brought a couple of these for Christmas gifts last year and they went down really well. The way they smell is really nice!

Divine eye mask

Truly the absolutely most luxurious eye mask I have encountered.

The absolute dream!!

I love using my eye mask and can't travel anywhere without it. The lavender is great for sending me off to sleep. It's an essential luxury you need!


This eye mask has revolutionised my travel experience! I’m a light sleeper and can’t sleep well in public places, flights I find a particular pain. It was after one very long and drawn out flight I decided I needed to get myself an eye mask, lights were on and off non stop and I had just had enough! I thought I wish I had an eye mask right now! So, upon my return I bought one from Nomad, lavender scented and luxurious fabric bound I knew I was in to a winner even if it ended up just hanging from my bedside lamp. This however hasn’t been the case! I took it with me on the next flight I went on and it transformed me from a grumpy grouchy girl in to a comforted happy peaceful soul! The smell alone is enough to put anyone at ease but once it’s on a sense of calm takes over your body! I could relax, shut everything else off and just drowse... before I knew it I was there. Dreamy! This has since not left my bedside and I wear it every night. My partner George is also a fan, often sneaking a go on mine. Think I’ll have to get him one for Christmas! Much loved and admired from all angles and senses! E xxx