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Posted on May 09 2018


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Off the topic of textiles and onto one that effects all wandering Nomads who love spending time recalibrating in the water. Your sunscreen, what's in it? Did you know that 70% of sunscreens contain OXYBENZONE. This is a chemical that contributes, amongst other factors, to the decimation of our marine life. And I mean our marine life.

Have you ever stayed late at the beach and witnessed the thick, which, oily slick on the surface of the's your sunscreen and oil and it can be avoided.

Something to think about this summer Nomads. Could you help a little to save the oceans by simply changing the type of sunscreen you use? Have a read of this article on Vogue about how you can help and why you need to -

Oxybenzone is the chemical you need to look out for on the bottle.

"The issue has become urgent enough that parts of Mexico have gone so far as to ban products with oxybenzone (which studies have shown is also damaging to sea urchin, fish, and mammals) and other threatening chemicals from its eco-reserves. Hawaii state senator Will Espero, meanwhile, is among the group of American legislators who have proposed similar measures. (One proposed bill in his state calls for a warning label on sunscreens that reads “The use of oxybenzone in nearshore waters poses serious hazards to coral and reef health.”) Eco-conscious companies are taking matters into their own hands, formulating sunscreens and hydrating lotions that are (hopefully) less detrimental to the underwater environment." - credit Kari Molvar, Vogue 2017

So, instead of just whinging about the problem here are a few sea safe sunscreens you can take on holiday with you. 

1. Stream2Sea - approx £12.50 for an 89ml tube.

stream2sea sunscreen



2. Babo Botanicals, £11.26 for 89ml.

Have a happy summer and stay safe in the sun. Remember you still tan whilst you have sunscreen on, you just don't damage your you really want to look like the regularly grilled prune we all notice on the beach? Didn't think so.

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