A story, an ethos and a journey...

Nomad Design is an approach to living and was founded by Georgina Olley, a Nomad who has lived and travelled all over the world. She has Indian, Guatemalan, Dutch and British heritage. What she finds fascinating is exploring identity through the products of cultural heritage.¬†Textiles with stories, love and culture woven in their fibres. What her company offers bridges the gap between the innate culture of an artisan’s craft and contemporary bohemian luxury.

My adventures have taught me that textiles play a key role in understanding the fabric of a culture and a community. I have met people who can tell which friend from a neighbouring village has made a cloth by the colour, pattern and weave. This the Fashion Revolution I want to play a part in.

Georgina chooses textiles that she hopes will treasure for years to come. Pass your love of culture down, up, around and across to others for them to enjoy too. 

Georgina’s passions are travelling, design, interiors, people and digging through piles of artisan textiles in the backstreets of Marrakech. I pursue this dream so that my customers and their clients fall in love with them too. And so that these traditions will be kept alive for years to come. The dream!

My previous clients include Firmdale Hotels, Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, Todhunter Earle Interiors, Studio Duggan, Honky Design, The Store (Soho House) and many more wonderfully creative people.